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Transparent Commissions

Customized Commissions

How much does Focus charge buyers to represent them as their Buyer’s Agent?

Real estate commissions typically aren’t transparent, but we want to change that and be very upfront with the cost. As a buyer, you typically will not pay us directly for our services. We are paid by the listing agent of the home that you purchase, and they will pay us the amount that they advertise as the “co-op fee” in the MLS.

We would like to be paid 2.5% of the purchase price of the home. If they are offering a co-op fee above that amount, as will often be the case, we will rebate you that extra amount at closing! That can often be a few thousand dollars, but it depends on your price range and the co-op fee being paid. If they are offering less than that amount in the MLS, we will ask that you work with us to negotiate for a 2.5% fee as part of our agreement with the seller. If the seller won’t pay 2.5% we ask you to cover that difference and pay us at closing.

As you consider various real estate agents ask if they have the rebate we described above!

In the event that we help you find a home but the deal falls through for any reason, we have made the decision that we are not owed a fee of any kind.

If you decide we are not the right agent for you for any reason, you can cancel our agreement at any time and no fee will be owed. Will someone take advantage of this at some point? Maybe, but we believe in the service we provide and we want extremely happy buyers!

All of this information will be further detailed in the Buyer’s Agent listing agreement which is signed once we decide to work together.

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